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Masters of converting imagination into customer satisfaction

Anthony Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Triple major with a double minor. I'm working on my doctorial thesis for what comes next. Planning my retirement & yours is my job. How's doing my job @ $60/hr sound? After orientation is complete, you'll be paid $20/hr @ the entry level. If the decision is to be made, I'm my father's son from start to finish. As sure as the Alpha & Omega tattooed on my ribs, I can giddur-done because I'm a natural go-getter.

Calico La Shawn

Marketing Director

If you've heard "©Groovey~Delicateness™", been told "2 Shnoobblles ®" and recieved a Peace Sign, Shnoobblles® business card or a tasty sample, more than likely, we met. I commit myself to the memory of those I meet by introducing myself by my middle name. I'm your friendly neighborhood alley cat & I'm So Southern California that they named me Calico.

©Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire ™

HR manager

I do it all. Former hospice, Adult Protective Services, & healthcare employee & social worker, I've found resources for nonprofits as well as not-for-profit work internationally. And besides being known for Shnoobblles ® on 5 continents, mentoring the youth, ministering the gospel, from California to Pakistan, I am a foster/adoptive parent & widower.

Maybe you're a vegan mom, who is living a Gluten-Free lifestyle & you're wondering, "Well, well, Mr. ©Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire™ how do you expect me to trust your product & prices, 

when I don't let my kids eat sweets? And to that I reply, you're right. I don't argue with single mothers about the diets they've worked out for their children. You know every dietary challenge/ allergy & picky choice your child will or won't be allowed to put in their mouth. However, I can offer is my diabetic-friendly sugar-free Shnoobblles ® with 21 Vitamins & Minerals from A to Zinc; which includes the healthy hair, skin, and nails choice of dermatologists vitamin amoung the others that more than likely you don't have time to make sure your children get a daily dosage of before school. ServSafe certified & sealed snax for the sack lunch & latch-key kid. Because whether you're a stay at home mom, or work full-time, isn't it nice to get a little help every now and again? Also, with all of the artificial malarchy kids ingest throughout the day, who has time to make sure they have a healthy balance of electrolytes & aren't dehydrated? If you answered the ©Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire™, then you are correct. However, if you thought Pop-Tart, or McDonalds cares enough to see that their employees wash their hands after using the restroom & upon return to the kitchen, you will be disappointed. And public education does not pay teachers enough to make sure that each student is eating healthy snax & staying properly hydrated. The truth is, you and your child can both enjoy Shnoobblles ® all day long. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snax, in-between-meals, desserts, hard and soft candies. And with products like Virgin &/or CleanFood edible playdough & electrolyte enhanced gummies for adults & children bringing back family fun & discretion, your dreams are well within reach. Caffeine Pralines for the student mother who is early to rise & before bedtime Chamomile Candy that is safe & calming for rowdy children during the wind-down hours, you can stop worrying about the things outside of your control & focus on how to Mother from Your Strengths.

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cALIc0's CleanFoodEntertainment

Phone: (707) 267-3706 NorCal/local call or text

(888) 466-4740 national toll free

(213) 992-1978 SoCal


Calico La Shawn

115 Samoa Blvd.

Arcata, Ca 95521

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: open like 7eleven, but always discreet

Sat: doing business

Sun: Closed for dinner

Do you need prayer?

Use Sponsor I.d. 14786791 @ guest log-in

So if you're in need of any of my services, why hesitate to call? No one wants to think about untimely deaths, nevertheless, they are a real fact of life. Maybe, you don't need a baker, chocolateir, music producer, concert/festival promoter, but how about an extra 10k-50k for burial services to know that in the event of some misfortune befalling you or your child, burial cost wouldn't be an added burden? Is it not atleast a little comforting being as plans start off at less than $10 a month? Click the Yellow Link which opens a new window tab directly to my back-office where you can explore the right plan for you. Feel free to call me if have questions or you need help. I am your ©Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire™

And with a strong belief in Functioning Adults we have also premiered & officially released the ©CleanFood CrossFade Collection of Cognac Chocolates, Gin Gummies, Vodka hard candy, Rum Cake, Whiskey Biscuits, Dougnuts, & Beignets.

_ ©CFEnt

Interested in our services? Want to make a donation? Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for stopping by. Two Shnoobblles means two fingers, and a Reece's Peace Sign.


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Mommy Madness!!

Mentoring puts the keys in your hand. Congrats to the Grads!!!

Attention Stressed out Moms

Monday & Wednesdays from 6p-7p with Calico the phone number has changed.

Call (605)475-4014

If you've become frustrated with the dropped calls from the sheer volume of listeners in our weekly study of the holy scriptures, disregard the telephone number here in the phot above. The new line operating the God's Encouraging Word: Men and Women's Help-line is here for you to join our conference call line, Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7 p.m. @ (605)475-4014 using the *access code* 841802# Whether you are one of our many silent callers or those with questions, your call is appreciated. This is a conferrence call line so be curteous & respectful of the lesson and other listeners; if possible, mute your phone because you will be heard-by-all. After the study lesson, if you are still feeling over worked, under-paid, overwhelmed & under-appreciated, You are not alone, there are ministers on the line who can pray with you, no judgement, no cost.


Your Ext. 05224659

$2.99/min after first 3 mins. free when you sign up @keen

Diamond Cutter

Truth Between Cats & Dogs is Women's Best Friend

My Email is

Contact Information

(888)466-4740 and say your name National Toll-Free

(213)992-1978 SoCal

(707)267-3706 LoCal

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