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Good Clean Fun

Since 2007.... mixed up in Memo's Kitchen, where I first learned to cook at an early age, cALIc0's CFEnt, the Original © Shnoobblles SoCal operation has been incorporated with the Greater New Faith Ministries Incorporation of churches & Green Light Means Go International Inc. to empower young people with the skills to achieve their goals. I respect my father's dying wish & the image he had of me at passing, by continuing to create the many Shnoobblles ® he so loved. In 2009, I scouted Humboldt County locations to branch a second base where I would establish capital; I relocated to Eureka, Ca between the jail-house on 5th and hoe-stroll on 3rd where I made a name for myself on the Eureka City Business Registry 2 years until selling the brand name to GLMG Int'l Inc. January 31st, 2011. I'm not perfect, but I try my best to practice and demonstrate proper work-place communication, team building & attitude exercises. It is my hope as the Chief Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire ™ that the examples I leave would lead to long-term memories in the moment of truth for those I've had the honor of serving & mentoring in orientation. Housekeeping, as well as, cash handling, are anchor task amid providing all the National Restaurant Association certified ServSafe standard training in sanitary food service, storage & preparation, alongside basic knife handling skills. Preparing pupils for the pressure of front desk, concierge or tour guiding, would not be complete without a briefing in wine and spirits, bartending & the Small Business Association's qualified certification of business start-up basics which I received thru the SBDC 2011, and have assisted with support of the community as the platform for training through workshops and the non-profit resources being made available at the time. With the A, B ,C's of Hospitality as an Industry, it is my hope to make opportunities possible for young people who want more than the trap of global jail economy. 

In retrospect, coordinating with the Job Market, Eureka's Employment Development Department, Marz Project, Church of the Three/CPU, North Coast Adventure Centers in Arcata & the College of the Redwoods since 2011, has given young people an avenue to acquire real world skills in the food & hospitality industries, cement masonry, plumbing, electrician, carpentry, glassblowing, agricultural planting/ botany, community gardening/landscaping rope course/rock climbing & all while getting a hands on experience of running a business through these and other various apprenticeships.

Seen below at the Eureka Jefferson Project after being made Chairman of Fund-Raising and responsible for building the former-school's playground

Here I sit, after a triple shift I'd split between clients in 2 cities with a NorCal recruit of the Green Light fraternity of ©Califloridians, & Kaboom Representative playset planning the park we'd build for 

the families of Eureka's Westside Community Improvement Association. I don't mean to pat myself on the back, but the truth is the truth, and I was nominated the Chairman of Fundraising. I didn't take the position lightly. So by bake sale, and yard sale, and garage sale, and rummage sale, door-to-door donations, & the involvement of PG&E to match dollar for dollar what we raised, we were able to fortify the damaged foundation of the Jefferson site, getting the doors reopened after the 7. magnitude earthquake which had damaged it in 2010, & built the children a park with no tube playsets for transients or drug abusers to defile inside & out at a time when needles & razers were being found around Eureka recreation areas enlisting the help of the community. I'd like to once again, give a very special thank you to Recology Waste Management for disposing of the removed asphalt, as well as Billy Williams and his crew @ the California Conservation Corp. for assisting in everything from the planning phase to planting saplings & screwing in bolts for the playsets, as well as Kaboom! the program out of Washington D.C. that builds parks around the country, all of the ladies of HSU's Legacy Sorority who came out planting trees as well as serving up those pancake breakfasts for the community, PG&E for the financial support, and all the other brothers & sisters who made it possible for this town I arrived as a stranger to feel like a place I would want to call home. We included every abled body that desired to participate & no one was left out. And the play structure is still standing, so to that, I say, job well-done everyone!

Why us?

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