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"Two Shnoobblles and a Reece's Pieces"... to you. I'm Calico LaShawn Anthony Williams, & I am happy to be your © Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire ™

Between you and I, the fast-life is what slowed me down. Why be burnt out? 

Well, spontaneity aside, I needed just a little more volume in my mic. Hope you can find everything that you need alright, because ©cALIc0's Shnoobblles ® is focused on providing, high-quality service and customer satisfaction - with that having been said I will do everything I can to meet your expectations at a cost that is still affordable, with your health in mind, without the gimicks whether you order Shnoobblles+® or not.

There are a variety of Shnoobblles ® to choose from, I'm sure you'll be happy working with me. Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

I've made my personal phone number and business contact available to you as well as my email addresses.

Again, I hope to see you enjoy my product, and find that you are at home with the services I provide! © Cleanfood, Virgin, or otherwise. Check back later for new updates to the website. There's always much more to come! And with more than an internet browser of tasty Shnoobblles ® yours and mine the possibilities are astronomical. 

Shnoobblle ® prices as marked @ the web store are not based on the overnight & 2-day delivery out-of-state. If you desire per portion/ price per slice & local delivery: give me a call, and even here I can create an instant sale price for you in seconds. ©Groovey~Delicate enough for you?

Come on inside; you've made it this far.


© metroShnoobblles

0n the-g0!

In-between meals

can be a second wind in the day time, something light on the stomach before a night on the town, or a signature nightcap, to usher you into sleep as well as into dream. ©Cleanfood designates that an item were MEDICATED to accent: The Head Change.

Break,-Fast, brunch, supper lunch, or dinner

© Cleanfood how you like it. Set the pace of your day. Medicate in your own time. The right way. And that's the way you want it; Clean. Or go virgin. © Cleanfood CrossFade incorporates both the liquor and smoke unless otherwise stated in your response to "How's the Clam Chowder?"

Snacks, Deserts, Hard & Soft Candies

It's bitter sweet, but so is time travel.

We've got early morning handled, you can eat before 9am, mid-day & late afternoon Shnoobblles ® . Evening motivation, meditation, stimulation or concentration. Witness what students across NorCal have been raving "make it less frustrating to learn."

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