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The Real Deal is that; Shnoobblles® are Groovey~Delicate® & for-all-ages..., and are not to be a downer, as an accent to your good Clean-Fun-high, "CleanFood" is Conscious food-for-functioning adults.

groov*y (groove) > adj.-ier, iest Slang.

Delightful; wonderful. -groov'iness n.

1. A long narrow furrow or channel. 2. Slang A settled routine. 3. Slang A pleasurable experience. v. grooved, grooving 1. To cut a groove or grooves. 2. Slang To enjoy oneself. [Prob.<mdu. groeve,="" ditch.].

Delicacy (del'i-ka-se) n., pl. -cies

1. The quality of being delicate. 2. A choice food. 3.Elegeance; refinement; sensitivity; tact.

Delicate (del'i-kit) > adj. 1. Pleasing to the senses, esp. in a subtle way. Exquisitely fine or dainty; easily damaged. 3. Frail in construction. 4. Sensitive or considerate. 5. Concerned with propriety; fastidious; precise. 6. Tactful; skillful; subtle. [<lat. delicatus,="" pleasing.]

Delicatessen (deli-ka-tes'en) n. A shop that sells prepared foods ready for serving. [Ger. Delikatessen, delicacies.]

Delicious (di-lish'as) > adj. 1. Highly pleasing to the taste. 2. Gratifying; sweet: a sweet revenge. [<lat delicia,="" pleasure.]="" -de*li'cious*ly="" adv.="" -de*li'cious*ness

Syns: delicious, delectable, luscious adj.

Shnoobblle (Shh-new-bull) n., pl. shnoobblles, v. Shnoobblle~ing also Shnoobblling adj. -ier

1. the graham cracker cakey, sometimes flakey, always gooey, cookie stacked, irresistibly chewy chocolate snacks that make you say, "Oowee!" a Shnoobblle is a pastry of high elegance, delicious, and groovey~delicate, in it's consistency; bread-like, fruity, just a tad sweet, or fudgy, , . 2. signature cake recipes made hip with herbal consciousness like High doses of purified lemon balm extracts found to be effective in the amelioration (the act of making something better; improvement.) of laboratory-induced stress in human subjects, producing "significantly increased self-ratings of calmness and reduced self-ratings of alertness." The authors further report a "significant increase in the speed of mathematical processing, with no reduction in accuracy" following the administration of a 300-mg dose of extract that compliment the high grades student are seeking

It's no coincidence then that the pan pictured on the left is grooved out with long narrow furrows or channels; these are used to bake the delicious ©cookiecakecupcakemuffin™ pastries which most times have a consistency which is rather groovey, and can also be truly delicate at the same time by design. Altogether now, 

Groovey~Delicate ®

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