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The gentleman Walter Williams III 

Genesis 12: The Lord had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to a land that I will show you."

So Calico moved to where the redwoods meet the beach with his father's blessing and it's been 11years since starting

Shnoobblles® in SoCal. Now they're in stomachs on 6 continents: Australia, China, Poland, South Africa, Chile, the U.S. Mexico and Canada!!!!

My dad was glad I turned the energy it took to get in trouble into something you can eat that's good for you.

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I'm a Foodie. I like to eat but it doesn't stop there. Smells, tastes, texture on the palate of my mouth or consistency in hand either blindfolded or eyes wide open mingled with the sensations we experience as a result of hunger, anticipation and satisfaction have always been a subject of interest for me. Don't get me wrong, addiction and substance abuse are serious issues, but when I say, "Everyday we go through a withdrawl called "hunger" from a drug called "food" I am not lying to you. Symptoms may include anxiety, fatigue, sweating, depression, seizures and hallucinations that might precede, accompany, or follow an overall irritible "hangry" (hungry-angry) feeling, attitude or disposition which left untreated can result in death.

If it were not so, why is the response to low-blood sugar and diabetic comas so crucial? Have we met? I'd tell you I sell life, death, burial, car, medical, dental and vision insurance, bail bonds, arrest bonds, 100 mile Towing of any vehicle you drive! Towing for RV, Motorcycles, Trailers! Ticket Representation! Legal Service Benefits in 50 states and Canada as well as Worldwide Travel Assistance Home and Abroad! But you don't have to take my word for it. Not to mention, the Monday & Wednesday night teachings of God's Encouraging Word: Men and Women's Help-line Bible Studies & Prayer held via conference call using the 208 area code phone number and access code from the photo here #ContactCalico I value honesty & won't boast nor embellish the truth from what is written. Beyond the silent callers on the line,

I am joined by mature scholars and theologians with years in ministry from 6-7:30ish weekly on those evening... but the Diamond Cutter advice & insights hotline for arranged

calls, is private and discreet for pay per minute.

If building a park in Eureka for the Jefferson Project, isn't enough good clean family-fun, then, try my electrolyte enhanced Slapstix ©OhmyGolly!gummies, Shnoobblles ® edible playdough for adults & kids, candy that builds your immune system and ©cookiecakecupcakemuffins™ with 21 Vitamins & Minerals from A to Zinc, Shnoobblles+ ® . Believe in Food for Functioning Adults with me. Engage your senses as you bombard your tastebuds with the © Califloridian flavors unique to Calico's Shnoobblles®.

I'm here for you.

- your friendly neighborhood alley cat, Calico La Shawn

I am the ©Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire™

& these are

Legendary Stoners & Comedy Greats

Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong

Tid-Bits: Shnoobblles ® of History

E40 Too Short ladies and the lil kids

My name is Anthony Calico La Shawn Williams. Yes, Calico La Shawn is my legal.

In the winter of 2006, I sat at the dining room table with friends in North Hollywood all "speaking in smurf" when a matter of sheer nonsense came up to which I responded, "That's a bunch of Shnoobblle!" Afterward, I was asked to spell it when I came up with the © S.H.N.double O, double B, double L, E. on the spot, & I poor man's copyrighted it. Then, I founded my first operation styled after my grandmother's earlier candy-house-shop with walk-up window service & January 31st of 2007, I began making Shnoobblles® @ the Greater New Faith Ministries #3 church north of Pomona, Ca with Ira Anthony Scott, my cousin and co-founder of Green Light Means Go International Inc. under the name © Calico's CleanFood Kitchen. Summer of that same year in SoCal, to gain the groundswell we needed with product & name recognition we stood in the church sanctuary where the signature jingle was ™ as a staple of our brand name before many witnesses.

© 2019 Shnoobblles® . All Rights Reserved.

S'mors Milkshake Shnoobblles®

Because my father was born a diabetic in New Orleans, Louisiana, my grandmother accommodated his sweet tooth with sugar-free baked goods so he wouldn't be left without a sweet treat when other kids had fun snacks. Eventually, I, his only child, came along as my father got older, and being raised in a household made up primarily of (10) Creole women, I learned respect; and I learned to cook, taking to the kitchen at an early age. "Memo", my father's mom, shared with me her secrets that "one must listen with the eyes to understand" enough times that I internalized them.

I wrote until my hands cramped, scrutinizing the process of bureaucratically developing my business ™, knowing more than a fair amount of business law and start-up basics when I planned to relocate my market. Pops was so filled with joy at how my life had turned around that his heart gave out, but not before him telling me how much he loved and was proud of me for coming to maturity. I drew him a map of my plans for attending school, relocating my operation to Northern California, which had been operating in Southern California for 2 years by the time he and I'd agreed. When my father did pass, my grandmother took it the hardest, he is her oldest son and support; his father died in Hurricane Katrina, I became responsible for our family. It is therefore that I have accepted charitable donations through the business, having sold my units for the relief of his bereaved mother, as I support myself as well, over the long distance. But those of you in faithful communication know that as of the ©Calico's ZooBBQ we held #summer2017, Memo has been safely relocated to Humboldt from the ghetto.

Leave an online donation and pick-up your ©Memo's Creole Beignets Shnoobblles®

This Friday

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We've loved every lightyear of our journey

An Idea is Born

Shnoobblles® kicked off productions in '07 with the ©munch~Mallow™ "full gown" Betty White inspired Shnoobblles ® Golden gal as one of 4 orignal products which included Shnoobblles® Lovely lady,

©Groovey~Delicate shnoobblles ®, & the © munch~Mallow praline Shmelt'd ™ Shnoobblles ® Pie

Our First Employee

Whether you know him as Mr. Williams, Professor, Tony, teaCh, LaShawn, or Cali-C, the tireless dedication of your chief ©Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire ™ since 2007 has been demonstrated over his 11 years of service to you & the world as a community.

SoCal to NorCal

Los Angeles is the largest city in California, and I was born at the bottom of it in Long Beach Community Hospital. But with my little brother being born @ Kaiser Permanente in San Bernadino County, I learned to make my rounds. Making my way down to Mexico by way of San Diego and back from the Inland Empire of eastern California to Venice, by way of the SGV. I also spent a brief career of 2 years in adult film shooting across the San Fernando Valley, after graduating high school in the LBC and being abducted by the Bratva. In 08', because our church fellowshipped at Lodge No.301 in Ontario, I completed the ministerial school of evangelism, sealed my juvenile record and began my entered apprenticeship as a mason. Because I was invilved with early legislation & ganja treats at the time, the brethren referred that I consider Humboldt County near Lodge No.79. Relaying this to my father, I looked into colleges in Humboldt County, housing, and jobs working for the City of Eureka. When he passed, I moved into the Cateri~Lounge and CleanFood Kitchens to attend College of the Redwoods, before I began working for the City of Eureka, County of Humboldt, In-Home Supportive Services and later Adult Protective Services. After making SoCal as a whole, my backyard and stomping grounds, expanding to NorCal where I currently reside, in Arcata, was the next logical conclusion as name recognition & product recognition went national and reaching interstate & internaionally the anticipations of the 101. Long story short, Humboldt is the center of the West Coast.

#Shnoobblles #Westcoast2DWorld

What's New?

  • © Granola Fries Shnoobblles ®

  • Shnoobblles ® Jägermeister Mango Mustache gummies

  • Calico's Canna~Coughdrops

  • Cognac Chocolate with imported Eau de vie & Cocoa

  • Gin Gummies, Tequila Worms & Vodka Hard Candies all available under the request of CleanFood CrossFade

  • ©Memo's Creole Shnoobblles ® Beignets & Whiskey Doughnuts

  • Virgin & CleanFood Shnoobblles ® edible playdough for children & adults

  • Shnoobblles+® the 21 vitamin & mineral ©cookiecakecupcakemuffins™

So are you a Square or trying to get Wreck-tangled?

At purchase, when asked, "How's the Clam Chowder?" simply enter your desired dietary option. The Chamomile Candies are safe before bed snax for children & adults alike. Green Tea Lolli-pops are also virgin, but hot toddy pops are not virgin. They are part of the ©CleanFood CrossFade options which include alcoholic beverages. When I say it's Conscious Food for Functioning Adults, I mean using at your discretion. At times, I personally drop a few of the Shnoobblles ® Peach Rings in my tonic water with lime or the gummy bears in my cup of tea to sip on.

Cashew butter Classic of © Calico's CleanFoodKitchen

Golden Peanut butter from

©CleanFood Entertainment 

Shnoobblles® Lovely Lady

Ladies with an Allergy Warning

Shnoobblles® Golden Gal

But these Gals have no nuts

  Big Boo D'O Shnoobblles ®

are so


They're New Chocolate & HazelNutty!

Made with no wheat flour, no corn flour. No Sugar? HOW YA LIKE ME NOW

Let's face it, I'm Creole, and that being said, a darker one at that. Cooking is one of my passions,... I thought Arcata would be the perfect small-town environment for me to relate to my customers and vice-versa; however, I've come to find people aren't very accepting of "some black guy on the plaza" giving away ServSafe certified food, and accepting donations for the charitable work being done locally and abroad. One example would be my campaign to keep drunk drivers off the street by opening the Cateri~Lounge in the Enterprise Tax Zone of Eureka to entertain the 2 a.m. crowd 2010. Another example is my work as the Chairman of Fund-Raising for Jefferson School Project 2012. This is all shy of mentioning the San Bernardino Jazz Festival, High Times' World Hemp Expo Extravaganja, and my efforts as Coordinator of the Los Angeles County Food Bank, 2008 and Beyond. My conclusion is they're the competition, hating on my youth and entrepreneurial spirit at 30 years old; unless perhaps their first assumption of me is that "some drifting junky is feeding drugs to babies". This is not the case, as instead, I'm recognized by Mrs. Debra Bowen California's former Secretary of State as the Incorporator of a now international nonprofit organization I helped to co-found in 2001. Since 2011, I've incorporated with several other local entities as a platform to teach job skills and create employment opportunities for young people as an alternative to jail time.

It's all up to you

A. Vegan?
B. Gluten or Sugar-Free?
C. No Caffiene?
D. No Chamomille?
E. All of your Vitamins?
F. Virgin?
G. Cleanfood?
H. or Just the Crossfade with the Liquor but without the smoke?

Is what "How's the Clam Chowder? "means on products


© Oobblles Shnoobblles ® 


I've made a name for myself all over the world. 

  seen here with the drummer of Parliament and two granddaughters of George Funkadelic Clinton in October of 2015.   

I work a lot and have fun cause that's what ©Shnoobblle~eirs do. So when I get to let it down to breathe, Please Forgive the sight of my hair out; I most certainly don't prepare your food that way.

Gummies get the job done.

so you'd better

Get your gummy on

Before they're Gone

So you think you know ©Shnoobblle about Shnoobblles ®, eh? Not the shnoble, Shnozzles, or (even Shnooppeez although a seasonal snowball Shnoobblle ® too), not shnoogglles nor any other mispronunciation of the perfect pastry for every occasion? Well, tell me about it. As the ©Shnoobblle~eir Extraordinaire ™, I make Shnoobblles ® & get to enjoy the first impressions, reactions to the name, and taste bud skeptics of my Shnoobblles ® 21 vitamin & mineral ©cookiecakecupcakemuffins™. I've even exceeded pastry baking to accent The Head Change by combining Memo's Creole remedies & herbal medicine with grandma's cookie and praline recipes for diabetics, same as she'd done for us. And as a touch of distinction, © Shnoobblle~ing is a unique technique that is not found anywhere else. Since 2008's NDA rulings in our favor and the California legislation on marijuana, I've relocated with the intent of securing garden fresh organic and natural supplies that put the clean in Calico's CleanFood Entertainment. The Conscious Food for functioning adults means more tasty gluten-free and vegan lifestyle support, as well as the classic, Shnoobblles® Munch~Mallowy candy sweetened cALIco-caffeine praline snacks that made the Green Light Means Go International Inc. company responsible for the copyright integrity & intellectual property rights over all Shnoobblles ® as a whole including but not limited to the Groovey~Delicates ® and their subsidiaries which began as ganja treats accidentally overdosed 14 grams of concentrated THC per cubic inch in 2007. It has since been a practice that has outgrown the stereotypes © Shnoobblle~ing™, is more than just creating these ©cookiecakecupcakemuffins™ that are SO GREAT with milk, coffee, tea, and wine. "You don't even have to eat them to get high." Shnoobblle~ing ® gives you another definition & reason for pinching off piece by piece & tasting each nibble, whether chewing or just salivating over every bit until they've so tastily dissolved out of existence betwixt the roof of your mouth and tongue. Shnoobblles ® are for every occasion. All ages. Any time. Old and young, are in agreement? You know you ought to be © Shnoobblle~ing... more & more now than ever.

Sincerely yours, & I come with a cherry on top.

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